Group class dogs at Sit/Stay position

dog training programs

We have some options as far as our training programs. These are the most common, but if one of these won't work we will try and create a program that will work for you.

In-Home Training

For those that live in Pahrump, Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, our lessons are taught at your location where we address the issue(s) you are having with your dog in its natural environment. We provide you with the proper equipment and then work on teaching you the correct techniques and commands to teach your dog how to behave and listen. Each lesson lasts approximately 1 hour long and we space them about 1 week apart. You will be given homework and the progress of your dog depends on how much time and work you are willing to put into the training. We can also work in public settings however the first class is always held at your home.


Depending on availability, we can provide Board and Train where we pick up your dog, it will stay with us while we train it and then we deliver it back to you. The time frame and prices will vary based on what type of training you need. When returning the dog to you we will go over the training, provide you with written material and ensure you are comfortable with how to handle the dog, make sure it is responding to you and your familiar with what steps you need to take to keep the dog on the right track. Please call our offices for pricing and more information.

Service Dog/Companion Training of YOUR dog

If you have a dog that fits the necessary criteria to become a service dog, we can train your dog for you. We can pick the dog up if you live in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona. We will keep the dog, give the dog the necessary training we discuss, and provide the service dog certification and service dog vest when the training is completed. We can work with you and the dog in your home if you live in the Pahrump/Las Vegas and surrounding areas (depending on the type of training required, the dog may need to come and stay at our facilities for a brief period of time). Pricing and scheduling will be on an individual basis, please contact our offices for more information.

Acquisition of a Service/Companion dog.

We can secure, train and certify a service/companion dog for you. We specialize in training for mobility assistance, (opening/closing doors, picking up items, assistance with walking/standing, etc) and also dogs for PTSD, companion or anxiety. We do not usually have dog's on-site, once we secure a contract we will find a dog that best matches the environment it will be going into as well as the work it will need to do. The majority of the dog’s we choose for this type of work are rescue dogs. From the time we receive a deposit to the time it will be ready for transfer is anywhere from 4 - 12 months, depending on the additional training and needs of the dog.

Any dog training must begin with a solid foundation, so our classes always begin with the dog learning the “Basics”: Heel on lead, Sit, Down, Stay, and the Recall (come when called). These commands must be taught before any other issues can be addressed. Sometimes providing the dog with a guideline within which to behave will be enough correction to help the other issues simply disappear. Of course this is not always the case and there are times when more sessions and intensive training is required to reach the desired level of behavior.

The dog must be in good health before any training can begin. A sick, listless dog, whether the sickness stems from parasite infestation, surgical procedures, or other ailment is not a good candidate for training. Older dogs are sometimes not good candidates but an evaluation is probably best in order to make the proper assessment.