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Service dog and ESA registrations, supplies and training.


Your one-stop company for registrations, training, supplies or service dogs.

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Our registrations

We can provide service dog registrations for those dog's that qualify under the ADA law. What makes a service dog? According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, a service dog is a dog that performs a task or tasks specific to a medical condition for an individual. These are not limited to seeing or hearing assistance dogs. They can be seizure alert, alert to taking medication, mobility assistance or any other type of service that dog can assist with. Proper obedience training is crucial for a service dog. You are guaranteed access with your service dog but if your dog misbehaves, is aggressive, noisy, defecates or shows other signs of not being a trained service dog the business has the legal right to have you remove your dog from their establishment. Having a service dog is a responsibility not a right under the law.


our supplies

We have service dog and ESA vests, bandanna's, leashes, and collars available. We can also customize the vests and bandanna's to have your dog's name embroidered onto it.


our mission


Our mission is to assist those that have a sincere and real need for service/companion dogs. Whether it is through training, registration or actually securing a service dog, we are here to help you through the process. 



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